Temp gauge goes up and down while driving

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temp gauge goes up and down while driving

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Why is my temperature fluctuating while I drive?

Wiki User If the temp sensor is measuring outside air, It could be exposed to the air moving over the vehicle which moving air feels cooler than still air, If any one lives in Orlando, FL can tell you. Usually the gauge in on the dashboard with all the other gauges. That way you can read it while driving. Asked in Jeep Grand Cherokee What is the normal temperature on the gauge in a grand Cherokee while driving? It depends on the setpoint of the thermostat. Asked in Hyundai Accent Why does Accent Temperature gauge read low while driving but warms back up at traffic stops?

Maybe you shoud check your thermostat. Asked in Mobile Phones What are the the advantages for driving while on the phone? Distracting, and causes deaths. Your fuel sensor inside the tank is shot. Change it. Drinking while driving. Oil in the distributor. A lot of possible causes, I recommend a careful investigation. Asked in Chevy Cavaliers What is the normal engine temperature for a Chevy cavalier? I would like to know this currently, but mine sets around 90 degrees Celsius on average while driving for awhile I'm not sure if that's high, but it's half way on the temperature gauge.

Asked in Nissan Maxima What causes a Nissan maxima to shut off while driving?You pull over by the roadside because you saw the overheating light coming on and the temperature gauge pegged up.

Then you start the car a few minutes later and everything seems to be fine. Again, as soon as you start driving, the temperature goes from cool to hot within a minute. If this instance seems to be similar to what happened with you, then must be curious to know why is my car thermostat going up and down.

This OneHowTo. If your car thermostat keeps going up and downthen there are chances that the cooling system has trapped air inside it.

Some cars have a hard to burp cooling system, which need to be filled appropriately and also burped if there is an air pocket in its system.

In that case, you may need to remove the block plug so that the coolant can flow out. Air may get trapped in your cooling system due to a head gasket issue as well. There might be head gasket leakage into your coolant. If your car thermostat goes up and downthen chances are that there is a connection problem between the temperature sensor and the temperature display positioned inside your car. Its wire might have become loose, due to which you must be getting false indications.

So, take your car to a mechanic and make sure that the wires are safe and intact. If the coolant level in your car has gone down, air may build up in the empty part, and cause an air pocket. Due to this, the air may get trapped inside and cause the thermostat to go up and down.

So, check your coolant level at regular intervals of time, and make sure that it is maintained at the proper level. You need to make sure that your car thermostat is working fine. Sometimes, the thermostat may get stuck at an all closing or all opening position. Start your car, press the auto button for climate control, and check that whether the radiator cooling fans are turning on or not. If they are on, then there might be some problem with the cluster temperature gauge. In that case, the issue can be resolved only by getting it replaced.

The heater control valve might be closing and not allowing more hot fluid to enter once the inside core fluid has cooled down. The car should not lose heat if the engine has achieved its full temperature for operation. So, your core might be plugging up or there is some issue with your heat valve. Share on:. By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 16, Air in the coolant system If your car thermostat keeps going up and downthen there are chances that the cooling system has trapped air inside it.I have this recurrent problem with my Honda CRV.

Last year my temperature gauge started acting up. It continued for some time and after a couple of weeks the check engine light came on with the error code P I then had the ECT sensor replaced. However after a few months the same behavior started with the temperature gauge and i again got the P error code.

This time i had the circuits checked at the dealership and everything seemed alright so i replaced my thermostat and also had the ECT temperature sensor replace it was under warranty. This was a few weeks ago. Could someone please tell what is going on? With engine cool, check the level of coolant in the radiator. Check the engine cooling fans. Do they begin to run when the temperature gauge is at the halfway mark, and stay on as the indication goes down?

I checked the engine coolant level and its just above the cold mark in the reservoir when engine is cold. Is there a way to check if the engine fan stays on when the temperature gauge goes down, since this only happens when i am driving and it stay down only for a few seconds.

Have you had to top off the coolant recently? Start off and head toward a highway. Have the heat on HI, with the fan just enough ON so you can feel it. Then watch your gauge and air temp as the car warms up.

The, as the gauge rises, the heat will stabilize at HOT. This would mean air pocket in the coolant. Yhis will allow a small amout of water to pass thru so that the radiator water will be warming up, and when the thermostat opens, the inrush of cold water will not be as severe.

Thank you very much for the diagnostic suggestions. I will definitely give it a try today as i intend to drive a fair distance.

temp gauge goes up and down while driving

Regarding the climate, I live in san diego where the climate is fair almost all year long. As far as the frequency of the problem, it happens intermittently without any specific pattern. Also, what could explain the P engine coolant temperature circuit high voltage error code that i received before?

The P may indicate the cause of the problem. The code indicates that a wire from the engine coolant temperature sensor, is shorting to ground, or open, somewhere. The engine computer, in response, turns on the engine cooling fans, to lower the reported hot engine coolant temperature. Is it possible for you to check the coolant level in the radiator not just the resivoir? With all this thermostat work you have been doing I am thinking you are not filled correctly and have air trapped in the system.

Right about the time when it starts going down I do hear the cooling fans kick in and the rpm gauge becomes hypersensitive goes down toward when i lift my foot off the gas and when i step on the gas remains higher than it should. Start with cool engine. OK to be partly warmed up. Turn off engine. Before i do this i want to report an observation i made. When i start with a cold engine and turn the AC to max, i see the cooling fans come on.Got car issues?

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temp gauge goes up and down while driving

Need advice on a dealing with a blown head gasket? Oil Leak? Cracked block or leaking radiator? Be sure to leave a comment or question on anything that may interest you. You can also send an email to our pro for direct assistance! How often do you look at your temperature gauge? If you are like most drivers, our guess would be almost never. However, if your car is running hot but not overheating, you might not know it without a gauge. However, even if your vehicle has a temperature gauge it may not be telling you as much as you think.

Many factory temperature gauges are designed to read in the middle of the gauge over an extremely wide range of temperatures and may not tell you if you have a car running hot but not overheating. There are many options for tools can use but one of the most versatile is a BlueTooth OBD2 code reader and an app on your phone where you can read different values from each sensor, including the coolant temperature sensor.

temp gauge goes up and down while driving

To give your cooling system a boost, add BlueDevil Engine Cool to your coolant to give it that extra cooling capacity to keep your car from running hot. You can find BlueDevil Engine Cool at any of our partnering local auto parts stores like:. What about this scenario: so far, this has only happened on an unseasonably warm day and a colder day, the day later. I was in house while car was warming up; heat was on, but not full blast.

As soon as I got into gear and started driving, it came down to normal and I had no issues the rest of the day, with a good amount of driving. The next day I did the same thing, although I only warmed up for about 10 minutes. Again, looks like gage was getting high. I had heat on full blast. Again, I drove car and temp gage came right down to normal. Before answering, please consider that I DO normally warm my car up in the winter for long periods of time and have never had this problem.

Based on your description, the best place to start would be to check that the thermostat is functioning properly. You can test the thermostat yourself by placing it in boiling water and ensuring it is opening up at the correct temperature. Cooling fans …check to see if they come on……. Why is my car overheating, it only overheats when the oil coolant sensor is on, as soon as I take it off the car runs perfect without any issues no smoke or anything i take the negative charge off the battery allow the computer to reset and the car is brand new again.

It also jerks and stalls when the sensor on? Based on your description, we would recommend replacing the oil coolant sensor. Based on the vehicle running normally with the sensor removed, a faulty sensor is likely the culprit for your issues. If the temperature hand is going to the H indicator on the temperature guage, it would indicate overheating. Where was the white smoke coming from?

My car warms up fine. After a short drive in the city, tempreture will go up close to the red and then within seconds it will drop back down to normal. It does this every 10 minute or so.Gain extra benefits by becoming a Supporting Member Click here find out how! Send Private Topic View Profile. I've driven it enough that I can't imagine there is an air bubble in the cooling system. I have the over flow tank hooked up properly and coolant expands into the tank when hot and sucks back into the system when it coold down.

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Forum Rules. Up until this time the truck would always sit at degree any time of the year. On this day it warmed up to then would go tothen go back down tothen back up to I couldn't find a pattern related to driving, it seemed to happen whether I was stopped at a stop sign or cruising steadily. I though the thermostat might be broken, so I replaced it with a was a Problem continues except now it goes from swings up tothen back belowthen to and repeates this all the time regardless of how long I drive.

Anyone have any other ideas? New engine, new radiator, new theromstat, new temp sender That sounds like it might be the problem. Check pressure cap also. Jim B. I've always heard about this, but never had to do it before and I've replaced lots of radiators and engines. When I fill the engine with coolant, I keep the thermostat housing off until coolant starts to spill out of thermostat hole Thanks for the idea!

Remove the radiator cap. Turn the heater on at high speed. Rev the engine and hold for a few seconds. You don't need mega high RPMs. Just enough to get good flow through the system. Check flow at the radiator.

Temperature swings are common in colder climates. Thermostats are notorious for swings. Higher end aftermarket thermostat are designed to reduce such large swings. Bill K.I recently bought a 99 infiniti i30 and it runs good but for some reason the temperature gauge keeps going up and down even 2 minutes up the road when I leave in the morning it does it. It's not overheating though it just jumps we checked the radiator and all the fluids, checked the thermostat and housing, cleaned the sensor line even replaced the radiator cap but it keeps doing it.

Any ideas? Reelin68 answered 5 years ago. The possibilities are: bad thermostat, bad radiator temp sensor, bad engine temp sensor, or air trapped in the system. Have you noticed if your cooling fans are engaging when the engine gets hot?

If they are kicking on great, if not, that will add to the list of possibilities. Get back and let us know. G A answered 5 years ago.

A live data tester would really help on this, you could compare the gauge sender with the ECT sensor, if they both show a swing in coolant temps like the temp gauge shows then I would have the cooling system checked, you could be getting air in it from some place like the water pump. If the ECT climb is stable and shows a even climb then you either have a bad temp sender for the gauge or a bad gauge. Bryan answered 5 years ago. Yes Reelin, they are engaging and the A.

C also works great to. Was also thinking maybe a sensor. I also forgot to mention that I have a check engine light for the swirl control valve, my mechanic looked at it and said it looked like someone tried to replace it and the wires were all messed up.

That's a plus! Have you or anyone else done any work to the cooling system? Like flushed it or replaced anything that would have required you to drain the system?

temp gauge rising and falling frequently.

If so, you may have an air issue. If not, I would try replacing the themostat. Very inexpensive place to start. Typically, if your radiator temp sensor is bad, your fans will not be kicking on when they should. If fans are working fine, I think you can rule the radiator temp sensor out.

Why Is my Car Thermostat Going up and down

Yeah I didn't do anything i just got it about 2 weeks ago, but we had checked the thermostat and it looked good my guy said so i don't know maybe its not. The swirl valve shouldn't affect your engine temp. It usually controls fuel mixture and burn. Im am having somewhat of same issue.Posted by 98mitsubishigstDec 8, Featured Products from our Supporting Vendors. Activity Feed DSMtuners. Join the Community! Chat with others, create a build thread, post questions and answers.

Get involved! Logging in will also remove many of the advertisements, along with this notice. Dec 8, 1. I then parked the car after the 50 mile trip, and i sat in driveway for 10 minutes in park on idle and it never rose back up. I ended up going back outside and taking the rad cap off for a few minutes and let any bubbles come up, the coolant levels are topped off, i don't smell any coolant so i don't think I'm leaking any.

What could it be? Last edited: Dec 8, This is the highest flowing BOV on the market. Dec 8, 2. Odds are that you have a cooling system leak that is allowing the coolant level to drop and create air pockets.

Those air pockets cause the fluctuation in the temp gauge reading. Now finding the leak may take a little work. Could be a pin hole in the radiator, a bad radiator cap, a leak in a hose, a loose hose clamp, a leaking head gasket. Refill and purge the system and look for leaks while it idles once its warmed up. If there aren't any external leaks, it could be a leaking head gasket. Dec 8, 3. Dec 8, 4. I really wouldn't worry much about it! Check DSMlink and see if you have that same fluctuation and wiggle the cable a little bit see if it's loose or something!

Dec 8, 5. Dec 8, 6. If the coolant level is full why did you have to let bubbles out of the system? What is the level in the overflow box? Dec 8, 7. Dec 8, 8. Try replacing you thermostat.


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